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AVR operating Principles

Our Armed Violence Reduction operating principles

Danish Demining Group’s (DDG) Armed Violence Reduction approach is based on local needs and broad contextual analysis. The approach is underpinned by the following operational principles:

DDG believes that interventions should be locally owned and driven. By emphasising participation, inclusion in prioritisation of needs and bringing together different socio-economic groups, DDG seeks to empower communities and local institutions to take direct control over planning and decision-making.

Capacity development
Through active engagement in the visioning, analysis, planning and implementation of its programmes, DDG seeks to develop the capacity of target communities and institutions to address their safety and security issues and facilitate various processes.

DDG recognises the different needs and capacities of women, girls, boys and men and tries to create space for, and utilise, these differences in programming, aiming to benefit both genders.

DDG uses direct and indirect advocacy as a key instrument in strengthening the ability and willingness of local institutions, structures and individuals to take responsibility for changing their safety and security environment.

DDG strives to ensure that implemented programmes have no negative side effects on the conflict in question or on direct and indirect beneficiaries and instead promote positive side effects by supporting local capacities for peace, cooperation and conflict management.

Collaboration with local partners
DDG involves existing local management structures and community based organisations as collaborative partners in programming and thus seeks to increase local control over planning and implementation and enhance the ability to take over activities. DDG also works with local NGOs and government institutions in implementing programmes.

DDG has an integrated approach to security and development, recognising that the factors which make communities insecure are often a combination of security and development issues. In order to address the variety of issues threatening communities, a coordinated approach is needed. DDG therefore seeks to engage with a wide range of other agencies and government institutions throughout its programming.

The sustainability of the programmes is ensured through extensive involvement and capacity building of local communities and institutions.
Conflict-sensitivity – In insecure environments, the design and implementation of responses must be based on an analysis of local conflict dynamics. Thus, a conflict-sensitive approach is taken which ensures that interventions at a minimum ‘do no harm’ while ideally also address root causes of conflict and insecurity.

Evidence based programming
By conducting detailed needs assessments DDG obtains a good understanding of local conditions, enabling the organisation to ensure that responses are tailored to the local context.


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