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Danish Refugee Council distributes urgently needed help in Syria


The humanitarian situation in Syria continues to deteriorate leaving an estimated 1,000,000 people in need of assistance. To respond to their urgent needs, the Danish Refugee Council has over the past four days in partnership with SARC started the distribution of essential hygiene items to 3,000 vulnerable families in Dera’a governorate.

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is the first international non-governmental organization to have received approval to provide humanitarian aid to conflict affected population in Syria. This is done under the umbrella and in close collaboration with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC).

“We have worked in Syria since 2007 and have been operational in the country throughout the conflict, focusing on the very vulnerable group of Iraqi refugees that have been affected by the unrest,” says Ann Mary Olsen, Head of DRC International Department.

“Because of our long time presence in the country we have the organizational setup, the employees and the local connections in place to expand our humanitarian efforts and meet the needs of the conflict affected population. SARC and the World Food Program have been distributing food packages and therefore our first step has been to distribute 3.000 hygiene kits over the past four days.”

The first distribution of hygiene kits took place this Sunday in the Dera’a governorate. 3,000 affected families received a package with soap, towels, washing powder, diapers and sanitary napkins among other things. Furthermore, 65 disabled individuals were given special needs equipment such as wheelchairs, walking sticks and walkers. In the weeks to come an additional 7,000 households will receive hygiene kits.

“We are grateful to have been able to get this part of our work in Syria started, we will continue the distributions and hopefully we will be able to expand the assistance to other conflict affected population in other areas. Our plan is to further provide shelter and livelihoods assistance if possible,” says Ann Mary Olsen.

350,000 civilians in Syria are reported to have fled to other parts of the country. Local resources are stretched and because of the unrest both the displaced and the host communities have restricted access to basic necessities.


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