DDG-DRC Cooperation on Armed Violence and Development


Successful Armed Violence Reduction (AVR) must not only address the direct elements of conflict and violence (for example, the perpetrators of violence, the tools of violence and the norms, values and institutions enabling or preventing violence), but also the underlying drivers of conflict (for example, scarcity of resources and lack of livelihoods).

As a unit within the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), the Danish Demining Group (DDG) is well positioned to operationalize the principles of the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development. DDG can offer services directly dealing with conflict and armed violence reduction, such as conflict management education, small arms sensitization, explosive ordnance disposal and community-police dialogue. DRC can provide non-violent alternative livelihoods for individuals and communities and offer other services aimed at recovery, thus addressing the underlying structural side of conflicts, such as scarcity of resources.

In Somalia, for example, this is operationalized through a joint strategy aimed at contributing to the stabilization of fragile parts of the country by enhancing community safety and improving the quality of lives and livelihoods of conflict-affected populations. In South Sudan it is implemented through joint community driven conflict reduction and recovery projects, and in Uganda and Yemen, communities are targeted for both community safety activities by DDG and livelihoods activities by DRC, ensuring synergies in efforts and enhanced impact.