Local institutions for safety


The Danish Demiming Group (DDG) acknowledges that individuals, communities and societies are in control of their safety and development, as well as of their resources. We treat people (beneficiaries) as assets and partners in the project processes, building on their own institutions and resources with the aim of enabling them to take responsibility for improving their situation.

More specifically, DDG works to strengthen and build local institutions as a basis for good governance and stability. Through community and/or district safety projects, individuals and communities are brought together to identify, develop and implement solutions to their safety and security needs. Thus, DDG seeks to help target communities mobilize and develop their latent capacity for solving problems through support to learning by doing, awareness raising, training, education and technical support.

By giving a voice to communities and beneficiaries, DDG aims to improve downward accountability so that service providers, local governments and central governments may respond to local needs.

DDG also works on a national level to strengthen the capacity of government institutions to deliver safety related services to their population. Acknowledging that formal institutions of governance often are weak in conflict-affected societies, DDG’s approach to capacity building of local institutions also includes informal traditional and cultural institutions.