The Danish Demining Group (DDG) releases mine and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) contaminated land and improves community safety using a number of different approaches. 

When it comes to working with mine and ERW affected communities, DDG uses an integrated approach that includes community liaison, survey, risk education and clearance as part of its holistic package to encourage safe behavior in communities and to release land suspected or confirmed to be contaminated with mines and ERW. 

DDG’s Armed Violence Reduction (AVR) and Community Safety initiatives address the issues of small arms and ERW, but also focus on fostering a wider culture of responsibility among local populations, working to build community safety plans. AVR and Community Safety initiatives help to build the capacity of local communities to identify, address and manage their own safety needs.

DDG focuses on being effective and efficient in all of its programming, constantly refining and improving activities to ensure that safe land can be handed back to people to use as quickly as possible and that conflict at the community level can be reduced.