From life crisis to an agent of hope

When Farshid Frozesh failed the exams qualifying students to enter university, he was desperate to find a new path for himself. He considered migrating in order to seek new opportunities abroad but instead he found hope in a DDG programme. Today he is himself an agent of hope in his community. Like other young Afghan men, Farshid Frozesh was aware of the importance of passing the so-called Kankor exam,– an exam which enables students to continue to university – after he had finished high school. He hoped that a university degree would earn him a better position in his community and a bright future. When he failed the exam, his heart dropped and he found himself in a major dilemma – should he leave the country and attempt to find work abroad?


"Of course, it was a hard decision to make, I was totally aware of the risks and the implications for my future being an educated young man choosing to immigrate. If I go, my studies will most likely be useless and I will only focus on hard work", says Farshid.

Then one day the office of the Afghan Scouts, PARSA, called and told Farshid about a free empowerment training for youth and asked him to join:

"I felt really encouraged as it felt like a tiny door had opened leading me to get away from the crisis of my life. So I accepted the invitation and I joined the training."

The training was a part of DDG’s 'Young, Empowered, Safe' (YES!) initiative, which aims to empower youth by supporting young people’s ability to provide for themselves and strengthen their role in creating a more inclusive community.

The training workshops included role-playing and playing games aimed at increasing problem solving capabilities.

"Now, I have changed my mind and I am not thinking of leaving the country instead I am thinking of creating hope for myself and giving hope to my brothers, friends, and my network of scouts"’, says Farshid, who meets with scout troops on a daily basis. He uses his new skills in advising them how to work on themselves and create their own paths in life.

Farshid saw the training as an opportunity to create a new beginning for himself, as he realized that leaving the country  wouldn’t solve the crisis he was going through.

"Building a better future requires you to rely on yourself and work on figuring out solutions and solving problems", says Farshid.

Today, the 26-year old is a youth leader in PARSA. He feels that the trainings provided him with useful knowledge, which enabled him to play an important role in supporting his community and other young men who are now in a situation similar to the one he experienced.

"Now, this YES! initiative is a part of my life and it is pushing me towards reaching my goals in life. My message for others is to never lose hope. Study hard, work harder and participate in making their country to be a better place to live in", says Farshid.



PARSA Afghan Scouts – is a diverse group of young, enthusiastic and ambitious leaders and future leaders. They aim to provide boys, girls, young women and men with the tools to become happy, healthy and useful citizens. PARSA strives to motivate youth to become leaders in their community and agents of positive change in their country. ¨

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