Virtual Mine Risk Education in Myanmar

“It is very helpful to know about EORE because there were a lot of incidents and Mine Victims in our village. We will share this knowledge with other villagers & communities. If we have an awareness of mines & ERW, there will be no more mine victims in the future. We also would like to request DDG to conduct this kind of awareness session in our village in the future.”


Myanmar has been affected by Corona Virus since restrictions on mass gatherings and movement. DDG has adapted its programming modalities to the situation and developed novel approaches to continue the implementation of mine action activities in the target locations during the ongoing pandemic.
Despite the global situation, mine accidents continue to occur every day in Myanmar. The lack of an economic safety net means that people cannot afford to stay at home despite the existence of the COVID virus in their communities.
In delivering Victim Assistance, DDG teams strictly follow the instructions announced by the Ministry of Health and Supports wearing masks, social distancing and washing hands often.
Mine Risk Education Online Sessions
Mre Myanmar
Myanmar remains highly contaminated with mines/ERW and delivering EORE sessions is therefore an important lifesaving activity. In order to ensure that these activities can continue despite the COVID-19 restrictions, DDG has designed online EORE sessions that are implemented in IDP camps and communities through online platforms that are commonly used by people in Myanmar (such as Viber, Facebook Messenger and Skype). The following points are considered when delivering online EORE sessions:

1) Maximum five participants per group call when participants are using one mobile phone between them, in line with the official government announcement on the restrictions of mass gathering
2) Social distancing (at least one metre ) between the participants in a group call using one mobile phone.
People’s feedback about MRE Online Session?
Mre Group Pic
One of the participants from an Online EORE Session conducted in Mat Moet Village, Namhsan Township, Northern Shan State expressed: